2015 – U.S. patent 9.260.482 "Synthetic peptides with a non-narcotic type of analgesic effect”.

Science-Research Center “BIOPHARMOS” becomes the resident of Skolkovo Innovation Center and receives funding on the development of dosage form on the basis of short peptides with non-narcotic type of analgesic effect.

Federal Institute of Industrial Property decided to include RF patent №2508295 "Synthetic peptides with a non-narcotic type of analgesic effect" in the list of "100 best inventions of 2015" (p. 44, p.№ 60).

2013 - PCT WO/2013/141750 "Synthetic peptides with a non-narcotic type of analgesic effect".

2012 - BIOPHARMOS Co. Ltd. is awarded Grand Prix Européen de la Qualité in the "Leader in the application of innovation in biotechnology" nomination.

Patent RF №2508295 "Synthetic peptides with a non-narcotic type of analgesic effect".

BIOPHARMOS Co. Ltd. products are in TOP-10 list of products of most in demand in the target audience.

BIOPHARMOS Co. Ltd. Science Director, Arkady Kotin, is mentioned in the "Expert of the Year" award (science and innovation nomination) of the "Expert North-West" business-magazine.

2009Vitagmal® is included into the Guidelines for the prevention and treatment of miscarriage of Research Institute of Obstetrics and Gynecology of D.O. Otta Russian Academy of Medical Sciences.

Registration of Vitagmal® and Trifitol® in Uzbekistan.

2007 – Registration of Vitagmal® in Ukraine. Vitagmal® is included into the list of scientific achievements of Russian Academy of Sciences.

2006-2008 - Patent RF № 2337138 - The strain of cell culture of Polyscias filicifolia (moore ex rounier) bailey for medicines, dietary supplements and cosmetics.

2005 – Registration of Trifitol®, safe and effective herbal product for use in the initial stages of catarrhal infections, sore throat and flu.

Extensive clinical trials of Vitagmal® are conducted in the Oryol city under the direction of Professor N.G. Kosheleva, the honored worker of science of the Russian Federation. The trials results are described in numerous reports and dissertation of E.G. Gavrilova  "Prevention of adverse environmental effects in pregnant women". It is proved that the Polyscias filicifolia extract significantly reduces the adverse environmental effects on pregnant women, their fetuses and newborns.

2003 – creation of the Vitagmalin® series of creams, effective in the prevention of allergies, venous diseases (in legs), joint inflammation, psoriasis, mycosis.

2001-2002Vitagmal® is included into the list of preparations recommended for the prevention of influenza, the common cold and acute respiratory viral infection by the Order of St. Petersburg Administration № 3973/48.

1995Vitagmal® registration.

PCT WO 1996002266 A1 - Anti-teratogen agent.

Patent RF № 2066686 - Polyscias filicifolia extract has the property to reduce the toxic effect of alcohol on the liver and the brain.

The strain is received from the leaf of Polyscias filicifolia - BFT-01-95 that has been deposited in the Russian National Collection of Cell Cultures by № 58 (Patent RF № 2337138, 2006/2008). It is the only Polyscias filicifolia strain registered in the Russian Collection. On the basis of this strain together with the FSUE of the Institute of Plant Physiology of K.A.Timiryazev RAS a technology suitable for industrial Polyscias filicifolia biomass growth in bioreactors is developed.

1994 - Patent RF № 2058786 - Polyscias filicifolia extract has the property of reducing the risk of congenital abnormalities in children.

1983"The method of modelling of the teratogenic effect" - Certificate of authorship on invention №1218812.

45 years ago – In the Department of Embryology of the Institute of Experimental Medicine, Academy of Medical Sciences, the mechanism of congenital abnormalities when using drugs, industrial and agricultural hazards, alcohol and other adverse factors in pregnancy is studied. Scientists are trying to find a solution to thalidomide disaster - in the early 60-ies of XX century the use of thalidomide in pregnant women led to the birth of thousands of children with abnormalities.