Our team

People in our team are professionals with unique experience and supporting the growth and development of the BioPharmos Group. Each third specialist has the PhD level and higher. Among them are engineers-technologists, cell culture and biotransformation specialists, biochemists. Management competences include product certification and patenting, fund-raising, international R&D and project management, creation and development of companies on the EU markets.

CEO BioPharmos Group

Chairman of the Board of Directors, PharmBiotech Oy. Oleg Kotin has more that 25 years of experience in the area of biotechnology business development. Due to Oleg Kotin’s management, BIOPHARMOS Co. Ltd. in 2012 was awarded with Grand Prix Européen de la Qualité (Geneva) in the nomination of "Leader in the field of application of innovations in biotechnology". According to 2015 kommersant.ru rating Oleg Kotin is in top-10 of best top-managers in the pharmaceuticals industry.

BioPharmos Group Scientific Research Director

One of the leading teratologists in USSR. In 2012 Arkady Kotin was awarded with the Order of "For merits in the field of medicine" of the first degree for the development of Vitagmal®. In 2012 Arkady Kotin received “Expert of the year” award of the Expert North-West journal in the “Science and innovation". Nomination for the development of Koren Molodosti®. Sphere of scientific interests: behavioral teratology, pharmacology of peptides and medicinal plants, immunology.

BioPharmos Group Development Director

Competences: fund-raising, project management, R&D management, international management.

Member of the Board of Directors of PharmBiotech OY

Competences: international business and investments, marketing and sales; fund-raising, GR, project management, international management.

Research Lead of peptide synthesis, BioPharmos Group

PhD, Chemistry, Professor. Sphere of scientific interests: peptide synthesis, bio-organic chemistry and chemistry of macromolecular compounds.  

Head of the BioPharmos Group Science-Research Center

PhD, Biology. Competences: biochemistry and pharmacology.

Head of BioPharmos Group Biotechnology Department

Competences: biotechnology of higher plants.