Vitagmal for children®

Vitagmal for children®

The anti-allergic agent and the strongest adaptogen. Effective for prevention of metabolic disturbances, as a prophylactic against respiratory diseases, including flu. Restorative remedy for a weakened body, fatigue and stress.

Ingredients: extract of cells biomass of sub-tropical medicinal plant Polyscias filicifolia (Fernleaf aralia) from the Araliaceae family.

The main properties are due to the properties of the product components: triterpene saponins (oleanolic and ursolic acids and their glycosides hederogenin and its glycosides, beta-sitosterol and its glycosides) and polyacetylene compounds (panaksadiol, falkarinol, hepta-deca-1,8- (E) -dien-4,6-diene-3, 10-diol).


  • to effectively enhance the resilience of the human body on the negative impact of the environment, prevention of derangement of metabolic processes;
  •  for the prevention and in the complex therapy of influenza and acute respiratory viral infection;
  • adaptogen, has a tonic and anti-allergic effect;
  • activates the attention and memory;
  • in chronic fatigue syndrome, fatigue, stress;
  • in symptoms of neurasthenia, neurosis, asthenic syndrome;
  • in increased physical and mental stress;
  • during the rehabilitation period after diseases, to improve the tone.


Dosage: the product is indicated for oral use for children from birth, the recommended number of drops per day is equal to the number of years of child, for adults and children over the age of 14, to use 15 drops, add in 0.5 cups of warm boiled water, 1 time per day in the morning during the meal.

Shake the bottle before use. The duration of the use is 14 days. If necessary, course of the medication can be repeated.


Patent RF № 2058786,  РСТ  WO1996002266 AI.

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